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Saint Valley International is a family owned business with 100 years’ worth of heritage and experience in the avocado industry. From the emerald valley in the state of Michoacan, our company has grown beyond our beautiful state’s borders and has expanded its partnerships overseas to offer the world fresh products.

Our company is backed by a robust and strategic network of alliances and decades of mastery in our industry. Since 1989, we have dedicated resources in the improvement of our infrastructure in order to successfully comply with the national and international market requirements.

The expertise we have as growers and packing of our own products, allows for a unique experience from the beginning to the end of the process, guaranteeing the supply of fresh Mexican produce to all markets in the world.

Our business

Our company is in the business of international trade of agroproducts from producers that are interested in commercializing their certified goods in other markets, prospection of potential customers, adding value to Mexican grown products.


To develop and promote fair trade in the value chain for Mexican producers, and help them achieve internationalization through our strategic alliances with customers and distributors, while building long term relationships with our customers through strategic alliances with a support philosophy.


To be a key player in the national and international supply chain for produce, by continually and actively developing our partnerships with our customers and distributors. 


RESPECT for what we do and with our partners, develop strategic vision to the future and be abe to be dinamic in the world wide scneario in order to be able to offer good products that support the local economy.

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Saint Valley knows fresh produce. From our mexican soil to the world… Freshness, quality and service. We know business and we know our produce.


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